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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Odd week

It's been an odd week this week. Monday I woke up with the start of a sore throat, and the pain got gradually worse as the day progressed. I arrived at the office plug in trusty iPod and Placebo came on first with 'Plasticine'. The day progressed with nothing of great importance happening and as I was about to lock up and go home, Placebo shuffled forward again, this time with 'Protege Moi'.
The drive home was interesting, as weaving in and out of the traffic was a man in his twenties on a bicycle, drinking a can of Strongbow cider. I was worried when he swerved in front of me, nearly scraping the bonnet of my trusty, albeit already scratched and dented van. It's annoying though, he wont have any insurance and could cause just as much carnage as a car driver could.
Tuesday was awful, the illness was blazing like a vengeful wife. My head felt like it was being squeezed, my throat was swollen and burned, and the aches that wracked my body felt like tiny jaws taking a bite out of the skin that didn't feel as it it fitted me. I didn't half feel odd. I tried to go to work and lasted about an hour before going home and straight back to bed.
I feel better after a few hours, and make my way out to help Liz with her Weight Watchers class. On the way home Timbaland plays 'Ease Off The Liquour' from the Shock Value ii album, as I pull up at the local supermarket. I'm getting out of my car when a blue Fiat shoots past and pulls up in the disabled space outside the door. two Pakistani women get out chatting loudly, and walk into the store. They're obviously not in need of the space. Why do people do this, I often wish I had a pocketful of stickers that read - You have a disabled persons space, do you also want their disability? Wednesday very little happens, we rattle around the office and the fit bloke from another unit comes over to buy a desk from us. Thursday we wake up and it's sunny and warm. In fact it's so warm I drive to work without a jacket and with the car windows open. The iPod must know it's a nice day as I set off because it randomly selects sunny tunes, the first being The Bee Gee's, 'Stayin' Alive' which is then followed by Anita Ward's disco classic, 'Ring My Bell' and as I pull into the car park , the late, great Kirsty MacColl sings 'Us Amazonians'. It's Rachel's birthday tomorrow, so we had a little party at the local KFC to celebrate, we had to wear hats and sit in the party booth. Rachel had the princesses tiara, Grace had the Queen's head-dress, Lyndon was the jester and I opted for the cowboy hat, so as you can guess there was no theme. we're like a dyslexic Village People..... C. Y. A. M. I drive to the weekly drama classes with our gifted and talented kids from 'The Action Project', it's still warm and as Soft Cell play 'The Girl With The Patent Leather Face' I devise activities that they can do without running around and getting all hot and bothered. At the end of the session I'm chatting to one of our lads about the forthcoming weekly workshop. I tell him the weeks work is all about murder and mayhem. We're doing a murder mystery all in verse and Macbeth. He then comes up with agenius idea of underscoring the play with the themes from horror movies. Out of the mouths of babes eh?

Friday brings another sunny morning, I put my tomato plants out in the garden for a bask in the warmth; they'll be ready for potting on and putting in the greenhouse this weekend. The drive into the office is a nightmare, what's normally a 10-15 minute jouirney takes me 50 minutes today. Looks like the good weather's brought everyone out. Still trusty iPod is still blasting sunny tunes, I leave home as Paolo Nuttini sings, 'Pencil Full Of Lead' and pull into the car park as Tina Turner blasts out 'It's Only Love', the 1985 duet with Bryan Adams. I'm not in the mood for being messed around today, some teachers seem to think they can book things then just disappear into the ether. One was so desperate for a workshop today, she kept calling and said asking questions, I bent over backwards to help her and when I try to get her to confirm she doesn't return my calls. So first job of the day is a call to the school to complain about her rudeness. I put myself out for her and she didn't have the courtesy to say I've changed my mind or anything. Second moan is a teacher that has booked a show previously only to ring a day before the actors are due to visit and change the date. She's done this twice so now I'm on to her, she's got to pay up front before we'll give her a third date. I'll post this weeks blog now, as Kelly Rowland sings 'Past 12' from her debut solo album 'Simply Deep'. Kelly was always my favourite from Destiny's Child.

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