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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Gridlock and the Giant Mechanical Snowball

Well what a week we’ve had this week, the cast had to continue putting up with the actress who plays Bella, having stroppy, hissy fits over the slightest thing. Now normally I wouldn’t say anything about a fellow actor, but this girl has a fit at the drop of a hat. If she can’t find anything in the props bag we’re subjected to huffs and puffs, and woe betide we say anything to her about it, that then means we endure the silent treatment while she bangs things around and texts people to let them know she’s not happy with us. Suffice to say, as I write this I am thankful in the knowledge that I’ll never have to see her again. This said, I did have a pang of sadness in my chest as I said goodbye to Chloë at Stoke train station.

Monday evening, I’m walking around the local Tesco, iPod playing the 1975 classic, ‘I’m On Fire’ by 5000 Volts, when a woman in a mobility scooter reverses into me, “Oops,” she says, “I was distracted by the BQbargains.” I chuckle, thinking what a brilliant apology, then walk into a small child almost knocking it over. “Oops,” I mutter, “Bugger off out of my way.” I leave Tesco and am driving behind a B&Q lorry as it exits the car park, the driver misjudges the bend and his wheels catch the railing and twists it, before some plastic wheel trims shoot from it and it’s free to continue on its way. I wonder if the driver said “Oops!”

Tuesday, we are stuck in horrendous traffic for hours, We’re in Ludlow and the A38 is closed and all the traffic is moving through the town. We drop into Waitrose and buy some lunch and sit watching the lines of cars going nowhere. Eventually the shows for the day are cancelled and we slowly navigate our way through the gridlock towards the M5 junction.  We are at last free of the congestion that we’ve endured for five hours, and we make our way northwards, finally enjoying a glass of wine at the accommodation at Dilhorne.

At midday on Wednesday, we’re almost at our next venue when we see a car completely covered in snow, at least  three inches thick, moving slowly towards us. At first we think the handbrake isn’t on and it must be drifting on its own. It crosses the centre of the road before straightening up and passes us, we are astonished to see an old lady behind the wheel of what is essentially a giant snowball. She’d cleared the side window of snow but not the windscreen. Glad to be past her we head off up the road to entertain our next audience. The show goes really well, and as I’m singing my first song, Jack a handsome boy with ‘Downs’ stands up, takes my hand and dances with me. merry_christmas

Christmas eve arrives and I catch up on last minute gift buying, and visiting friends Rozz and Spike. I drive home as The Pretenders play ‘The Nothing Maker’ and spend the evening warm and cosy with a glass or two of wine, thinking about all the madness that happens so we can celebrate one day of over-indulgence. Short and sweet this week folks. Merry Christmas to you all.

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