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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pepsi, Pasta and Phantom Phone Calls

Thursday 1 September 2011 – So September is upon us, and to welcome me into the new month is my ringtone. My telephone has rung four times today with a number I don’t know, I answer and there’s some indiscernible noises on the line before it goes dead.The only indication of who my caller is, is that the screen reads, – Northern Los Angeles Area, – The only person I know out there is my Italian friend Paolo, but I can’t see why he’d call, he usually sends e-mails. It rings for the fifth time as Scouting For Girls play their hidden track off the first album, ‘Michaela Strachan’, Once again the connection is bad and the line goes dead.

I take Chris to Eurospin so she can do her shopping, and on the way back we stop off at the Borgo for a well deserved cold drink. Now in the Pepsi – Coke debate, people who know me personally know I IMGA0264prefer Pepsi to its rival; and diet Pepsi is my preference. There’s only one shop I’ve found that sells cans of my choice, but at the bar they sell Pepsi with lemon, which on a hot day like today is very welcoming, so much so that I tend to have two cans.

As Chris is getting ready to move back to the UK, I leave with a trolley on wheels laden with odds and ends she doesn’t want, everything from a torch to a shower head, and cans of beer and a tub of Bolognese. Back home and as Marc Almond sings the infectious ‘Jacky’, pasta boils and the Bolognese, that tastes darn fine, is heated up and presto I have lunch – albeit at 3pm. As usual I’ve a little pasta over, so it’s put outside for the cats, who wolf the stuff down.

I decide on a evening in with a DVD, and watch Shaun of the Dead, which to be honest is better second time around – or am I starved for entertainment? My phone rings again, it’s my phantom caller from LA. Three more attempts to connect with me are made, before fed up of hearing my Dynasty ringtone, I switch it off, and torture myself with a truly dreadful film called ‘Brotherhood of Justice’, starring a very young Keanu Reeves and Keifer Sutherland.

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