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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Disappointment Sunday

Sunday 25 July- For some reason I’m awake today at 06.30, I get up and have a cup of tea, turn on the iPod and Public Image Ltd begin to play ‘Disappointed’. Hoping this isn't an omen for how the day will pan out I press shuffle as at this hour it’s a little too early for John Lydon. PIL change places with ‘My Tornado’ by The Ravonettes.

I planned the menu for my next Al Fresco day, a party where we eat Italian food and generally quaff wine and ale. I decide to try out a few things, so I begin the day by making a Torte Verde. Basically a spinach pie, I use some of my home grown spinach from the allotment and all in all the pie’s a great success, and tasty too, I think for the day I’ll add some fennel seeds. I also tried my hand at some antipasti, cherry tomato hollowed out and stuffed with garlic and herb flavoured anchovy, they were nice. And I gave it go at Finghi Ripieni, which is stuffed mushrooms. These were very nice with a breadcrumb topping and a stuffing finished off with vermouth.

I record a podcast for next weeks Action Project workshops and post it up on the net. Then have a moan at ‘Three’ as my broadband has run out for the month, only to be told I could have three times the allowance for the same cost. Why didn’t they say that at the start, now I got to wait until August 14 before I can get access. Looks like it’s back to the Pay As You Go dongle until then.

Lunchtime arrives and we decide to go out for a carvery meal, just along the road. We arrive at the venue as Peter Andre shuffles on the player with ‘XOXO’ The service is swift, we wait for just long enough to buy 2 pints and our table is ready, we’re secretly glad as the barmaid is a bit odd, you know the kind – Late forties, dark fake tan, hair bleached within an inch if it’s life and bright pink lipsti  ck applied with the finesse of a trainee plasterer. I opt for a mix of pork and gammon, Help myself to vegetables and roast potatoes and take my seat. I unload the gadgets I am carrying with me today onto the table: Classic iPod and LG Mobile Phone. I look up from my first mouthful of pork and spot the elderly lady opposite taking her false teeth out, popping them into a paper napkin. Two things occur to me at this point. 1- Will she have to spend hours picking dried on bits of napkin off them again before she can use them again. 2- It must be odd living without them all day then having to pop them in just to eat. She notices me looking over, I allow my lips to curve slightly and in return she gives me a broad gummy smile.

On the table next to us are two ladies. one is telling the other about having to go to the hospital for a blood test, while the other is talking about her niece having a boyfriend. She says she hopes when her niece goes to university, that she’s sensible and she’ll be disappointed if she just  gives away her virginity to the first boy that shows an interest.. The other woman replies, that it used to be easier to get it the test done at the doctors. Lunch disappears quickly and not really fully satisfied we leave the public house. So I guess that’s disappointment number 1.

We decide to go to the local open air shops and attractions for a walk around. I decide to look for some Citronella candles, to take to Italy in August to keep the mosquito's at bay when we sit out in the evening. The one’s that I’m looking for are tea-light ones 50 in a pack for £4.45, all they have is packs of 30 for £5.99. Disappointment number 2.

We drive back, with Placebo playing ‘Special Needs’, from the Sleeping With Ghosts album. I got a bottle of beer yesterday from Sainsbury’s. Not one I tried before so I left it overnight in the fridge. Usually I drink Peroni if I choose to have bottled beer, this is a Czech one. The bubbles rush up from the base of the green bottle as the lid is prised off. It has that satisfying shush as it empties into the glass. Condensation beads the outside of the glass and I raise it to my lips. Disappointment number 3.

As I decide to upload this addition to my blog, Ricky Martin sings Private Emotion. I think to myself, I wonder how many women were disappointed when he recently came out and told everyone he was gay…….as if we didn’t know.

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