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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Action Project

Monday 26.07.10 – I’m awake early and at 7.00 am I make myself a cuppa and turn on the iPod. I’m welcomed into the world by the fabulous Paolo Nutini, with ‘Simple Things’. A nice cheerful tune to start the day with. I make myself some breakfast and Howling Bells swap places with Paolo, with Let’s Be Kids’; How apt. Today is day one of The Action Project, and I dress and make sure I’ve got things ready for the day. I double check I’ve sorted out backing tracks and stash my notebook into my bag. I go to make a salad for lunch, when I open the bag of cherry tomatoes, purchased from a well know supermarket: No name’s mentioned, but let’s just say, I don’t expect Jamie has substandard produce from them. Why is it when you buy these pre-packed items there’s always a mouldy one in the bag. Is there a person employed by food producers to sneakily add in a bad one to the bag. Whenever I buy a punnet of strawberries, you can guarantee that there'll be a mouldy one lurking in the corner. Salad making aborted, I plump for a ham and beetroot sandwich.


I drive to the venue for the day and after moving the tables out of the space, I set up my video camera to catch people arriving. I’m making a video diary to edit down and have playing on Friday when parents arrive to see the show. – As if I don’t have enough to do. The first person to Arrive is Rhiannon, just as the iPod in the corner, (Yes, it even comes to work here with me too), shuffles and ‘Mustang Sally’ from the film The Commitments, blasts out.


The tw0 weeks slide by quickly and before we know it, it’s Friday 6th August and the parents are arriving. The show goes down well, and after everyone has left, feeling proud of the hard work the kids put into it I drive home. The iPod shuffles, as you’d expect. Opshop play ‘Maybe’, a song that reminds me so much of my tour of New Zealand in 2007. I stop off at the local Tesco and promptly get hit by a car. Thankfully it wasn’t going too fast and I get away with just a bruise and a stiff leg. The woman driving however gets away without stopping to apologise.

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