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Monday, 10 January 2011

Boy George is Like Marmite

Well the iPod shuffled and the first song of my 2011 blog is Culture Club with ‘Do You Really want To Hurt Me’, hence this weeks title. Boy George is certainly a controversial character, and love him or loathe him I’m sure the vast majority of people would admit to liking this song. It’s well crafted and the production is very good for 1982. I remember it reached number one in well over a dozen countries, and George’s appearance on Top of the Pops caused the ‘He or She?’ media debate. I remember this period in history well, I myself was singing in a band, producing our own untitledmaterial for a healthy local fan base, and at times my appearance during the eighties was dubious. Sadly previous years haven’t been kind to George, and his publicised problems may have  lost him some fans, but I do believe he’ll always be remembered as a true British eccentric. In support of Mr O’Dowd, I wish him luck with his new album, ‘Ordinary Alien’ out on January 31.


The first week of the year has been quiet, I’ve buckled down to my studies and written 3 of the 5 assignments I have this month. We had a smattering of snow that was short lived midweek, despite forecasters promising more than we actually got.

On Saturday evening I popped over to Becky’s new place and of course play with Holly, the dog we rescued from Greece. I took some of my homemade ruby grapefruit liqueur, which we consumed with gusto.

Hopefully my next entry will be more interesting, as I get back into the swing of things.

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