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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

End of Another Year

Well another year comes to a close, and what an eventful one 2010 has been. I think the two most life changing events have been, the decision to close my business and the purchase of our house in Italy. It’s been a good year in most respects, I’ve been happy for most of it, however there’s been a fair amount of procrastination, in particular my Italian language studies and my writing coursework. Although I don’t make resolutions; what’s the point? I hope I’ll be able to apply myself better in 2011.

I have decided to focus only on the positive for my review of the year and throw out the negatives; there’s enough TV programmes out there listing the negatives, so you don’t need me to add to The 100 Celebrity Meltdowns or The Worst Hairdo’s of 2010. So here are my highpoints.


Album – The Defamation of Strickland Banks by Plan B

Song – Il Tempo Stesso by Tiziano Ferro

Film – Inception

TV Show – Supernatural

Book – Mister Teacher by Jack Sheffield

Adventure – Operation Jet-set Jackie *

Random Thing – Getting our wood burning stove

Activity – Olive picking in Abruzzo *

Work – Action Project ‘L’amore é basta *

Funny – When Dutch innocently said, “They work really well together, that Fearne and Wallaby.”

* see earlier blog postings for further information

Here’s to you all, I hope 2011 is good to you and that you achieve all you wish to achieve. Health, wealth and happiness to all. Baz x

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