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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Squirrels and the Wrong Shopping

This weeks blog entry is late, I say late, not because I forgot to post it, but because I couldn’t be bothered. This week, I have had so much shit going on in my life, I had nothing positive to say.

Keane play ‘Everybody’s Changing’ and I look out of the window. There are two squirrels romping on the lawn. Not knowing much about squirrel behaviour, I am unsure if they are fighting or mating. Today is the third day in row that they have been on my lawn. They are quite cheeky and have no fear of me, however as soon as I whip out my camera, they disappear. My neighbour has a rather portly red cat, it sits and watches the squirrels, but makes no attempt to attack them. I wonder if he’s had a run in with one before, and lost.

I becoming a little concerned about my dog. My little lad is 13 years IMG_0036old, he was born on Christmas eve 2007. Lately he’s become a little bit arthritic and has become very clingy. He’s a lovely dog, but just lately he seems to have lost his spark. I know 13 is quite a good lifespan for a dog, but I don’t think I’m ready for him to go just yet. He needs to have a lazy time in the Italian sunshine first. I think a trip to the vets is in order.

Yesterday I went to our local Tesco, just to get a couple of items. I only had a few items in my basket, so went to the self serve point, where you scan and pack your own things. Everything was going well until it came time to pay. I hag forgotten to bring any money with me, as I’d left home without picking up my jacket. The kind assistant said he’d put my shopping in customer services and I could pick it up later. I drove home and told my other half, and he said he’d go to fetch it for100_4908 me. Ten minutes later he arrives home with four carrier bags. I tell him that wasn’t my shopping, he replies telling me he didn’t know, just paid for what the girl at the counter told him had been left behind. We open the bags to discover items that we wouldn’t ordinarily buy. Looks like we’ll be having stir fry and noodles tonight. and we’ve enough rice to shake a stick at.

The Robert Knight classic, ‘Love on a Mountain Top’ begins to play as I set about doing some mundane jobs. I’m cleaning the bathroom, when I notice the toilet cleaner is called Bloo, however, ‘blue’ it is not.100_4902

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