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Monday, 14 February 2011

Broken Trees, Dirty Cars and 4 for £1.80

Monday 7 February – Today I took the dogs to the vets to get their rabies vaccinations, in readiness for them having a passport. My how times have changed, when I was a kid the thought of taking your dog abroad was unthinkable. While I was there a lady came in with an elderly springer spaniel. The owner was crying, it was obvious she was heartbroken. I assumed she had taken the dog for euthanasia. I remembered when my old English sheepdog was too ill and the vet advised on euthanasia. I really felt for the lady. It’s like losing a member of the family.

Tuesday 8 February – I drive to town as Army Of Freshmen play ‘Through The Screen’. I remember when I first saw this American band in 2007, they were the support band, and much better than the headline band. Suddenly the memory is tainted, as I recall who I was with at the time, someone who eventually let me down. The tale of this Tesco 1let down will be published later this year as an eBook. I’ll keep you informed.

One thing that really annoys me is senseless vandalism. Where the new and

ghastly gigantic Tesco store has been built; it’s allegedly the biggest in Europe. The contractors have planted trees, and some mindless vandal has snapped one in half. More than likely some drunken yob, walkingIMG_0118 home from an evening on the lash.

I walk past the giant superstore, and notice it has some strange pieces of metal fixed along a wall. Obviously some artist was paid a fortune for these random pieces of artwork. Sadly there’s no name, or indication what it’s supposed to represent.

I nip into the store as I need some bread, it’s row upon row of aisles stretching out as far as the eye can see. Just one visit to this store is a good indication of what’s killing off the high street. I decide I can’t be bothered trekking to the back of the store just for bread, so leave it, IMG_0119and walk back to the car, as Opshop play ‘Waiting Now.’ A song that

triggers memories of my stint in New Zealand, and being with the person who let me down.

I think a cup of tea is required(Whinge over).

Wednesday 9 February – I’m out and about, walking along with music playing as usual. Neneh Cherry is singing ‘My Bitch’ from her 1989 Raw Like Sushi album. I pass a new car wash that has just opened: I’ve had a flyer for the business placed under my windscreen wipers every day this week. (Must find somewhere else to park). A youngIMG_0121 man from the car wash was leaving his place of employment, and in his side windows he had signs advertising the car wash business. I was surprised to see that his car was filthy. Now wouldn’t you have thought it would make good business sense, to drive around advertising car cleaning in a clean car.

Today an advert came on the television that just cracked me up, dogs wearing dentures. I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it. The smiling pug gets me every time. So I’ve included a link to it here:

Doggie Dentures

Thursday 10 February – Today as Alessandra Amorosso sang ‘Romantica Ossessione’ my iPhone pinged telling me I’d got an e mail. Checking I see it’s from our Italian lawyers in Lanciano, telling me the water has now been connected at our little house out there. At last things are falling into place.IMG_0120

Spent a few minutes this morning syncing some new songs on the iPod. Whilst doing this, I noticed that if I wanted to play every song, one after another it would take 51 days and 9 hours to do so. That’s a lot of music.

Friday 11 February – I had a very odd run in today with a portly shop assistant with bleached hair. I popped to the local shop to buy some dog food: Now I don’t use this shop very often, as it’s ranges are limited and it's prices are high. I picked up 2 cans of dog food and went to the till with them. The assistant scanned them and said to me, “You can get 4 for £1.80.” I replied telling her I’d just take the two cans please. She then responded by saying, “But you can get 4 for £1.80, that’ll save you money.” I again reply saying I’ll just take the two cans please, I then add that my dogs don’t usually have this brand so may not like it. Her response is, “I’m sure they’ll like it, and at 4 for £1.80, they’re good value.” I smile and pay her, saying nothing this time. I am leaving the shop when she calls after me, “If they like it, don’t forget at the moment you can get…….” “Yes,” I reply, “4 for £1.80.”

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