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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Am I a Genius?

First I must apologise for letting the blog slip for a few weeks, there have been several reasons, some due to work commitments, some down to my continuing education and others are because of sheer laziness.


During the half term, I was once again working with The Action Project, this time we did a modern version of the classic tale, Pinocchio. We set the story to electronic music and instead of Pinocchio being a puppet, it became a robot names Annie Matronic that is rescued after it refuses to work. The part was played by 8 year old Molly: Her first lead role in a show. She worked really hard; as did all the students, and pulled off a full 45 minutes in front of an audience with no one there to prompt her or remind her what scene comes next. How i get these performances out of these young children in just 4.5 days I don’t know. Either I’m a genius or a hard taskmaster.


My two favourite parts of the show were, Sally and Katya’s rendition of the Dionne Warwick classic, ‘Don’t Make Me Over’ and Dan, Brad and Georgia’s dance to ‘I.C. Code’ by Gina X.


The next blog instalment should be up tomorrow, it’s all about food and overheard conversations, with this weeks hopefully on time on Sunday….Look out for the colliding nun. Ciao a tutti x

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  1. Have missed you, glad you're back WKD