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Monday, 27 February 2012

Hindered List

Monday 20 February 2012: So we are definitely in an hiatus situation, because of an errant relative, we are now powerless to complete our move to the land of La Dolce Vita. We have been informed that it may now be another four months before the probate etc. is wound up, so far we’ve waited two and a half years for said errant cousin to state his intention; RE:the will, and now another four months are added to the wait; suffice to say we’re not holding our breath in anticipation it will be over by June 2012. So having sold the UK home we are now looking for somewhere to rent here, and what a nightmare it’s proving to be.

thumb_280-to%20let%20signWe register with a letting agency, pay £77 for credit checks and we’re given a list of properties available: Well just three actually and a note telling us two more are coming available soon. One property has three bedrooms, and another four; we rule these out thinking it unfair to go for these, as there must be families in need of larger ones. We are left with two, two bedroom properties, one available and one coming soon.

We know the coming soon property so call the agent to say we’d like that one. The response we get isn’t good. “You’ll be offered that one when it comes vacant,” we’re told. “But we’ll take it,” we say. “We’ll offer it when it’s available.” We end the call bemused, why is the agent reticent to put us down for it, surely if we want to take it they’ll be happy is tenanted?to-let-sign

So we look at the list again and decide to view the last remaining one available. Another call is made to the agent, and we register our interest. The iPod shuffles and Ace of Bass start playing, ‘All That She Wants (is another baby)’ maybe if we had one of those getting a place to live would be easier?

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  1. dont bank on that!!..........doesnt matter in this country if youve got 44 years of paying your STILL dont get any help even when you desperately need it....I know!!