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Thursday, 9 February 2012

So What Prompted Me?

09 February 2012 – It’s been a while since I updated my blog, and quite a lot has happened, much of which has prevented me from writing. Sadly both of my dogs passed away and to top it off a friendship came to an end. Christmas arrived and departed, with us being homeless, as we sold the UK house. Our Italian home was broken into and most of the things we had over there were stolen, so all in all it’s been a bit of a low point in my life.

But, life goes on and as soon as we get back over to Italy we shall be restoring the house and land in earnest, and hopefully start to enjoy our new life in the sun.

So what prompted me to get back to my blog?

I’ll tell you. – Spelling mistakes.

The first of these was on a board advertising a house for rent, apparently the master bedroom came complete with an ‘On’ suite bathroom.

Just a matter of minutes later I am driving passed a bed showroom, and in the window is a handwritten sign proclaiming discounts on all bedroom furniture; including ‘head-boreds.’

The final one was a sign inside the window of a Polish convenience store, so the writer could be forgiven, with English not being their native language. However it amused me as the sign asked for engine parts in any condition required, also wanted are ‘geraboxes.’

So as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds play ‘Supernaturally’ I’ll upload my first blog entry for 2012 and also leave you with a snowy shot from a few days ago.



  1. glad your back!!!....missed

  2. Welcome back! As a person who is working on making their dream of life in Italy a reality, I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Sorry to hear of your recent misfortunes, but glad to see you're still around.