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Monday, 27 June 2011

The Camera Shy Butterfly

Monday 20 June 2011-  There’s a slight breeze this morning, so after breakfast I decide to fit new line to the strimmer, and attack the ever growing grass out front of our house. I take the cassette off the strimmer, and as River City People play All My Trials, I begin winding the new line on to the spool. Now the mistake I made was thinking, just how difficult can it be?

I wind the line on clockwise, it then springs away from me into a IMG_1013tangled mess. I wind it anti-clockwise, once again it jumps away from me. Once I have it wound on I try to feed the line on, but nothing happens, it’s never going to budge. I give up the fight as the line once again uncurls, resembling a mess in a spaghetti factory.

Fed up I walk back to where I’m staying, and am greeted by Baleno, the greedy moggy must want something to eat. I look up how to fit strimmer line, on YouTube. Luckily there’s a video demonstration by a round faced American man. I watch the video and take in everything he says, and return to the troublesome task. Ten minutes later it’s tamed and ready to be fitted back into the cassette. Sadly the breeze has gone, and now it’s far too hot to be cutting grass.

After lunch, I take a wander down the lane. On a flower I spot a big black and white butterfly, so out comes the iPhone and the camera selected. I’m about to take the photo when it flutters away and settles upon another flower. I creep up and am about to get the shot when It flies away again, only to settle on a cactus flower. Several more attempts are made, but success eludes me, the damn thing just doesn’t want to be photographed. So I plug the headphones into my phone and walk back with Hot Ride by the Prodigy playing.

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