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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Homemade Haircuts and Anchovies

Thursday 23 July 2011 – I drive into Lanciano in the morning, hoping to find the kennels where Karen works, sadly I take a wrong turn somewhere and end up outside the Poly Centre Shopping Complex. Oh well as I’m here I nip inside and grab a few items from the supermarket, before heading back. I get chatting to a guy named Alessandro, and before long we’ve spent a couple of hours chatting and drinking coffee. I drive home with the iPod playing, Love Like Blood by Killing Joke.

There’s one disadvantage to having a haircut like mine: low Italian doorways. Because it spikes up so high every time I walk through a door it brushes it, like an automatic cobweb remover. So there’s nothing for it but to reduce the height, with scissors in hand I trim an inch or so off the top. One advantage of the style is that it’s suited to homemade haircuts.

I’m quite pleased because today I found a well known supermarket, that sells the most delicious green olives stuffed with anchovies, so I grab three cans, knowing one of them is going to be empty by the end of the day. How right I was, a DVD and a couple of glasses of wine later the empty can is dropped into the recycling.


One last song before bed, and Jessie J sings the acoustic version of her hit, Do It A Like Dude.

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