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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


02 January 2013 - I was shopping the other day in that well-know supermarket that has four letters in its name, an ‘A’ at both ends that makes it sound similar to a Swedish pop group. I loaded what I wanted onto the conveyor and the girl behind the till scanned and smiled as I packed away. I began to pay with my card and she asked me the question that always comes before you’re requested to put in your pin number, “Would you like any cash-back?” Usually I say no, as I only draw cash as and when I need it, but today was different. I was planning to pop into the local market, where it’s all cash transactions. I asked if I could just have five pounds. At first the girl behind the till looked shocked, as if I’d asked if I could have a night of kinky sex with her grandfather, then she raised her eyebrows and said, “Five pounds, oh no, we can only let you have ten.”
“But I don’t want ten,” I replied.
“Well you can’t have any cash-back then.”
“Why not?”
“Because at A_ _A we only allow a ten pounds minimum.”
“I don’t know, I guess it’s like cash machines, we can’t do less than a tenner.”
“Never mind,” I said, left the store and stopped at my banks’ ATM and withdrew a crisp five-pound note, popped the ear-buds into my ear and as Cher belted out, Love is a Lonely Place without U I nipped into the market and purchased some black pudding.
Regular readers of my blog will know how I like to find unusual signs and those with spelling mistakes, and so imagine my surprise when I found this one for you all to enjoy. Here’s the first bad sign of 2013:
I quite like the newly created word, ‘lastwash2pm’ and the spelling of ‘normal’ with a double ‘L’, but my favourite is the uppercase ‘S’ at the end of days and shouldn’t New Year be capitalised with an apostrophe before the S?

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