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Friday, 11 January 2013

More Signs

Friday 11 January 2013 – Here we are, the end of another week so I thought I share a couple of signs I spotted around town over the past week. The first was 100_5391inside a window of a public house, and was difficult to photograph. If you look you can just make out that it says, Xmas offer 3 bottels beer 4 £5.00. Now I may be wrong but I’d have expected a publican to be able to spell bottle.

The next is a sign I saw taped to someone’s front door. I like the challenge that it offers any one passing by and wanting to offer religious instruction. Spreading the word of God! Knock on this door! Go on I DARE YOU!!

The next sign for this post was seen in the window of a takeaway in town. This establishment had suffered a broken window back in March 2012 and has since then had a piece of chipboard up where the window once was. – Would that entice you inside to order food?
I passed it the other day and the chipboard was gone and a new window was being fitted and they closed for a few days to repaint outside. A few days later the following sign was displayed.CAM00023
For the shufflers out there, the song playing as I compose this posting is The City by The 1975, who are tipped for big things this year. 184473_10152392452050277_1903220748_n

And finally a wonderful offer from Thomas Cook. Save a fortune on IVF; in fact save all that huffing and puffing needed to create a child, just pop along and for a pound choose the one you like the look of.
Have a good weekend. Baz

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