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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bargain Calendars?

Wednesday 11 April 2012 – Yesterday I stumbled across one of those; ‘We Sell Everything Imaginable’ shops; You know the kind, with rows of shelves selling everything from tea pots to towel rails, air fresheners to air guns and sugar bowls to shovels.


I ventured into the depths of the shop, passing cleaning products, then cutlery; the next aisle had light bulbs and after this one, it was packet soup. This shop really was an Aladdin’s cave; sadly not full of jewels though; this one was full of crap; even the ‘poundstores’ would shudder before they sold much of the merchandise here.

But amidst all of this retail detritus I found a gem, a box Enrique-Iglesias-2004-Calendar-256054which had a sign saying ‘Bargain Calendars’, expecting half price offers on the current year’s calendar I was surprised to see one for 2007, another for 2003 and a couple of 2002 ones; there were even a handful of Enrique Iglesias ones, some from 2004, another from 2001 and a bunch dating back to 1999. I wonder why there’s so many Enrique ones left over? Could it be, the Spanish pop star isn’t very popular in this urban backwater?

But more importantly:

Who would want to buy an out of date calendar, and  surely wouldn’t it make more sense to dump them and use the space to display more goods?

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