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Monday, 2 April 2012

Sauce from the Dark Side

Monday 2 April 2012 – My first blog entry of April is accompanied by one of those songs that always has the ability to take you back in time. Today the iPod has shuffled and Michael Sembello takes over with the 80’s classic, Maniac’ from the movie Flashdance.

So here’s another posting of signs out and about that made me smile, those spelling mistakes that are posted publicly. My first is from the local chip shop, there on its A-board it proudly states that it sells a foodstuff from the other side. Could I get a side order of ectoplasm with mine please.


It makes me wonder why the people who manufactured the sign for them didn’t point out the spelling mistake.

Sticking with food based errors, this sign appeared in a bread shop just along the road. (The owner accosted me as I was taking the photo…oops). The price has been obviously altered, suggesting the sign has been there for a while. Maybe I’ll pop a note under the door detailing the misspelling of the plural of loaf.


I pick up my iPod out of its dock as Siobhan Donaghy starts to sing ‘Ghosts’. (I hear Siobhan and the other two original Sugababes members; Mutya and Keisha , have signed a one million pound deal with Polydor – Good luck to them). I take a trip into town and am passing a newly opened barber shop; in the window is a list of charges, and one of the treatments offered is: Threading eyebrowse & full face £4. I photograph the spelling mistake, when I ponder ‘full face’, what is the shop offering epilation for werewolves?


My final sign is one of complete stupidity, one that some design department and re-branding company have been paid a fortune to come up with. It’s the name for the new shopping complex being built in town: No explanation necessary.


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