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Monday, 16 April 2012

Did he really say that?

Monday 16 April 2012 – It’s Saturday morning as I write this in preparation for Monday. I rose relatively early; must have had something to do with the fact I went to bed on the previous evening at 10.30, okay I read for a while, but it was still a tad early for me. (But you don’t need to know about my nocturnal habits – or do you?) Well actually I had a message from a follower in NY, who asked why I haven’t mentioned what music was shuffled on my iPod lately. So here’s what’s playing as I write this: ‘Small Town Psychopath’ by The Humans from their fantastic 2011 album, Sugar Rush.


The Humans Official Website

I think my blog being called A Life on Shuffle can also apply to the various things that I blog about, no one can accuse me of consistency regarding topics.

Being a writer means I like words, that’s obviously a given. Sometimes though I feel because writers’ use words to earn a living, they do tend to hear sentences in a different way. I don’t mean they hear what’s been said in a different dialect or tongue; that’d be a stupid claim to make. What I’m trying to say in my hock-handed way,(did you see what I did there?), is writers’ maybe hear a sentence and they are instantly drawn to something there that others may miss.

An example of what I’m saying is this:

On the local evening news there was a discussion about the proposed election for a mayor of Birmingham. In the debate it was questioned whether politicians sitting in the house of commons should put themselves forward for the position. The news reader then innocently said: “Should sitting MP’s be able to stand?” I just liked the idea of all these men in suits sitting down, then unison standing up.

Another interesting sentence on the news caught my attention on Saturday morning. It was during the newspaper round up; you know, when the presenters have a guest on and they talk about what’s in the daily tabloids. During this segment of the show (BBC1), a guest (respected writer/presenter, who will remain nameless) was delving into the papers and giving his opinions. He started to talk about a news-feature about how men are unable to compliment their wives for fear of upsetting them. Now the content of the newspaper is of no real importance here, it was what he said, live on TV. When asked if he was fearful of complimenting his wife he said, “I’ve now been living for 35 years with my first wife and am still unable to get it right.”

I bet his missus is happy about being referred to as first wife; I wonder was it a Freudian slip or a cryptic missive to someone he’s been seeing on the side. Either way, I bet he’ll be spending the next few days grovelling.

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