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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Curry Spell-Checker

Thursday 5 April 2012 – Today I was sat re-drafting an article I’ve recently been working on, in the background at a discrete volume Public Image Ltd are playing ‘Careering’. (PiL at a discreet volume, it is possible). My attention is grabbed by the clatter of my letterbox, I look up and see three brown fingers and a multi-coloured flyer appear.

I retrieve the flyer; anything to take me away from working, and see it’s for a fast food outlet. Hurrah! a wonderful distraction. Without sounding like a pedantic old git, I love sifting through these flyers for spelling mistakes, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The tagline; the most important part of any advertising reads:

Taste 1

Staying on the front cover we then get: Taste 4

Surely this should read ‘Now Order Curry’ – or if the owner thinks the public will purchase more than one dish, the it should read ‘Now Order Curries’. (One could argue however that this is a ‘straightforward’ plural therefore is correct. But nonetheless it’s confusing). Inside more errors jump out in glorious colour, this time it’s the ‘there’ and ‘their’ confusion:

Taste 2

And finally we come to the misspelling of the Italian city Milano:

Taste 3

I believe that if you are promoting your business, then at least get the advertising correct before you spend money on printing. You may argue that these are easy mistakes to make if English is not your native language; I agree, but these flyers are designed by people who have passed through the English education system, and are now running their own businesses.

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