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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Tuesday 17 April 2012 – I’ve never really been too worried about people getting too close to me; in fact I’m quite a touchy-feely sort of person, so don’t really bother. Over the past few days however, I had the misfortune of understanding what is actually meant by, ‘Personal Space’.

Don’t Stand So Close

I was standing at the till in my local supermarket, my shopping is travelling slowly down the conveyor belt towards the cashier; when a girl; deep in conversation with her friend loads her items and stands behind me. When I say stands behind me, she’s actually touching me. I step forward, and so does she. I politely ask if she can move back, and she looks at me incredulously. “Why?” she says, completely unaware of my reason for asking her to move away. So I just turn away and step forward, she’s still yakking to her mate and unconsciously steps forward. I’m very tempted to say something rude like, “I usually ask for a glass of wine and maybe dinner before I allow someone up my arse.” But think better of it, so I pay and leave.

I suffer a further incident the following day, again in a shop. This time a woman leans on my shoulder using me for support, as she reaches around me to take something from the shelf.

Where will it end, will I be sharing my under-crackers with the man across the street whilst having his wife insert her arm in the left sleeve of my jacket. NO!

It’s my space – so do one.

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