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Friday, 6 April 2012

When Too Hot is Not Hot

Friday 6 April 2012 – I like to keep abreast of the times, what’s on trend and what’s hot and what’s not. I know that in the fashion stakes it’s bold colours and geometric lines for summer 2012, and that Tanya Jagger is the new hot model, and the book of the moment is A Street Cat Named Bob, I’m even aware that cream is the nail colour of the moment.

There is one thing I recently came across, that was most definitely not hot; metaphorically speaking, was a spicy pizza. Yes it was hot, as in off the scoville scale, but not hot as on-trend. I’m partial to a hot spicy meal: regular readers will know all about my own Italian sun-dried chillies. But this pizza was so hot it was just uncomfortable to eat.


Finally, to end this week, is another sign seen out and about. This time it’s a poster in the window of Ryman’s the stationers. It features an employee named Nathan from Holborn, and all I’m asking is just what is Nathan trying to tell us here?


Is Nathan bragging about the size of his cock? Answers on a postcard to:               26 Phallus House, Dicksville, PE N15.

Have a good Easter weekend everyone.

Per i miei amici italiani - Buona Pasqua. Baz xx

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