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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Baking Bread

Saturday 02 July 2011 – I’m chatting to Brenda on Skype, when there’s a tap at the window. It’s Bill from Casoli, he’s popped in to see if I’d like to go for lunch. I think this is a jolly good idea, and after the chat we head off to Lanciano as he needs to get some wholemeal flour. This is a good sign, as it means I can get some instruction into the art of bread making.

It’s a funny old day weather wise, it rained in the night, then this morning it was sunny, but midday signals a breezy yet temperate afternoon ahead.

Bill shows me how he makes bread, and Chris cooks us lunch, a very tasty bolognaise. We spend the afternoon chatting; well to be honest mostly laughing raucously. (Christine does have the ability to light up a room, she’s so witty.) Bill’s bread has proved and has tripled in size, he knocks it out, and sets it aside again. I learn that during this process I’m being too tender with it, it needs a good seeing to, as Bill says.


The days slips away swiftly, and before long it’s early evening. I leave with a loaf under my arm, heading back for another 4 episodes of Heroes.

There will no A Life On Shuffle tomorrow, for Sunday 03 July, as all I did that day was chill out and do nothing.

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