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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Disappearing Cat

Tuesday 28 June 2001- There’s a little cloud cover today, so after washing up the breakfast dishes I start to tackle the back garden. With the iPod in it’s dock, it’s man against nature: It’s not long before nature starts winning the war. The problem is, that beneath about an inch of soil and weeds is a cobbled hard-standing, so I have to excavate slowly, it’s not so much like gardening, more like an archaeological dig.

28.06 (1) Before

Zombie by the Cranberries plays, I stop and listen as it throws itself across the Italian wilderness. The earlier recordings by the Irish rock band were superb, songs filled with angst and clever lyrics melt alongside innocence and melody. They did however start to go off the boil towards the end with some of their songs just becoming lyrically baffling.

28.06 (3) After

After four hours I’ve cleared a sizeable amount of land, and as the temperature rises, I retire for the day and make myself lunch. After a shower I take a walk; Baleno follows me, mewing all the way down the lane, she’s a really vocal cat. When we get back, I see the big tom cat outside the gate, he really is a hulking brute, black and white with shaggy fur and face made up of pure malevolence. Baleno spots him too, and runs back to check on her kitten.

28.06 (8)

I leave for my Italian lesson, looking in on mother and kitten, both are sleeping quite contently. Upon my return, I begin to make my dinner, the iPod is playing and Meat Of Youth by Meat Of Youth plays, the drums and fretless bass pounding away. A shuffle takes place and more heightened drum beats as Bow Wow Wow plunge into Cowboy. I pop outside to give Ada’s cats the skin off my chicken. I look for Baleno but she’s no where to be seen, nor the kitten, both of them have gone. I hope she’s moved the kitten to somewhere safer.

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