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Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Bonfire

Thursday 30 June 2011 – ENEL, the electric company are doing some work today and we’ve all had notice that the electricity will go off for a few hours at 09.45. Breakfast is eaten as the iPod plays the remains of last night’s Killers track, it shuffles and Revolver (David Guetta Remix) by Madonna takes its place.

I shower, take a quick look at my email accounts and check out Facebook. At 09.44 the electricity goes off, so I pull on my wellingtons and make my way up the road to continue clearing the land.

It’s very hot, so I decide to work in the shade around the side of the house. We’ve got some concrete steps at the side, as like all old Italian houses there are no internal staircases. I decide to clear the ivy and weeds that are clinging to them.

Before IMG_1120 After IMG_1124

I’ve accumulated quite a pile of weeds and rubbish, and have built myself a nice little bonfire, however as the midday heat is now too much to bear I go back for another shower and to grab some lunch. Luckily I have a rechargeable docking station, so at least I can still IMG_1126have my music, and I eat my lunch as The Scars play Je T’aime C’est La Mort

At 18.45, the electricity comes on again and I can think about cooking dinner. I’m about to do this when there’s a rumble in the distance. So with matches rattling and a watering can of water I go back up to our place and set fire to the mini bonfire. (Not before checking there was no snake taking a nap inside). The fire burns nicely and the last of the embers lose their heat as the first, fat drops of rain turn to steam upon contact.

Job done, it’s time to get some dinner, so I walk back down the lane Lost In Music, with Sister Sledge.



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