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Monday, 4 July 2011

Bogs, Bites and Belgians

Monday 27 June 2011 – After breakfast, I leave the house early today, in my endeavour to get some work done. It’s too hot to be outside so I tackle the upstairs toilet. I say toilet, it’s actually a smelly loo and sink in the living room behind a plastic walled partition. The loo has rocks on the lid to stop the rats coming in, as it was the way they were getting into the house when it was empty, via the septic tank.

Now at first I thought It would be a relatively easy task, but no. The walls are riveted together, not a screw in sight, but Kate Nash sings Merry Happy and it puts me in a bouncy mood, so I start prising the rivets out one by one. After a couple of hours the sweat is dripping off me, but I’ve removed the roof, the wall and door.


Destiny’s Child sing Girl, as I slip under the shower to wash away the mornings toil. I’m making a sandwich for lunch when I hear a commotion outside, I open the door and see a huge tomcat running away, and Baleno spitting and hissing: she may be tiny but she’s feisty. I check on the kitten and it’s got some blood on it’s neck, there’s a small bite but it doesn’t look too bad. I put it back and mother clambers in beside it, rubbing her head into the palm of my hand and purring loudly.

I find a stash of DVD’s, the ones you get free in the English newspapers, there’s a handful of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, the ITV television series. I never watched these back in the UK, so in the evening I chill out with a glass of wine and the little Belgian detective.

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