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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mundane to Magnificent

Mercoledi 6 luglio 2001 – The Cure sing Let’s Go to Bed, I wish I could as today has mundane written all over it. I’m ironing, polishing, sweeping and doing all manner of household chores today. It’s a lovely day, a tad warm to be honest, which means the heat and steam from the iron are tiresome.

Touch Me, from the Bollywood movie Dhoom2 plays as the ironing board is eventually stowed away and I make some lunch before having a shower. I have an appointment with our lawyers in Lanciano to pay the council tax. People say it must be expensive to live in Italy? But it’s not when you consider you save £40 a week just on council IMG_1203tax. Once you get residency you pay no council tax and you get a reduction in all utility bills.

I have an hour to kill in Lanciano, so wander around stopping just to buy a guide to all the summer festivals in Abruzzo; well I got to do something on those warm summer evenings haven’t I? I escape the heat by ducking into the cathedral, it’s cool so I sit and reflect on my life. An Italian man walks in and asks me for directions, I’m happy that he asked rather than just thought I’d IMG_1202not understand/know the answer due to being a foreigner. The man walks away happy, and I’m smiling.

I meet with my lawyers, who tell me there’s a resolution almost on the supply of water to our house. Looks like we’ll have to pay for a new pipe to be laid, but at least we can get sorted with the plumbing once it’s done. They tell me that they think my Italian language is coming along nicely, Piero says my pronunciation is very good. So I leave their offices smiling once again.

I’m thinking nothing else good could happen, when I nip into the supermarket and on the fresh fish stall they have fresh mussels, withIMG_1207 half a kilo in the cool box I drive home singing along with Kate Bush to Wuthering Heights, what started off as mundane ended up as magnificent …….Isn't life grand?

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