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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sugababes, Snakes and South Africans

Wednesday 29 June 2011 – To remind me that the cats are missing, during breakfast Tom Jones sings, What’s New Pussycat? I put my cup down and open the front door. Baleno is there, I look under the steps and there’s still no sign of her kitten.

I continue in the morning clearing the land, it’s a case of popping out of the downstairs room to do a bit every time a cloud covers the sun, and popping back inside when its cover has drifted off. It’s hotter today, and there’s not even a whisper of any breeze. I have to keep stopping to wipe the sweat away, I’m sure I must be losing at least 2 litres of water each morning doing this task, thankfully the coolness of downstairs room keeps my chilled water cold.

Sitting on the ground, trowel in hand lifting some clumps of grass, I stop and listen as the Sugababes sing Ace Reject, from the last album that featured Mutya. It’s shame that, what was once a pool of incredible talent is now just a commodity. I fear we wont see much from the new line up, before they fade into obscurity. I feel something on my foot, I look down and a shiny black snake is resting on my wellington boot. It’s only about a foot long, and its skin looks like highly polished patent leather. It spots me and in an instant has vanished and I start to breath again.


In the evening I go dinner at my south African friends Bronda and Koort’s house. It’s a lovely little house and they’ve made great use of the space. Bronda shows us why she fell in love with the house, a spectacular view of Casoli and it’s castle, which is made even more spectacular by night. Sadly no photograph could ever do it justice.


Just before I retire for the evening I have another glass of wine, and catch up on some emails and Facebook messages. I turn off the Killers, two thirds of the way through When You Were Young, It’s time to put another day away.

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