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Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Trip to the Beach and a New Life

Sunday 26 June 2011 – Radiohead sing Just, and I think I know what I’ll do today, ‘just’ chill out. So I have a leisurely breakfast, log onto the internet and check out the news. It’s only 08.30 and the temperature is already at 23 degrees, and with no breeze it’ll no doubt feel hotter by midday.

At 11.00 am, I pack a bag and drive off to the beach at Fossacessia, the pebble beach is full of families enjoying the sun. I find a spot and layout my towel, considering it’s pebbles it’s quick comfortable once you arranged them beneath yourself, by doing what must look like a horizontal mamba. There’s a welcome breeze coming off the Adriatic and I feel the lure of the sea. I scramble awkwardly over the pebbles, making a mental note to get some shoes I can swim in. The sea is a welcoming respite from the sun, I wade out until it’s above my waist, before swimming in the clear water.

My swim over, I lie on my towel eating a fresh peach and just people watch for an hour. The sun is becoming unbearable, so like the Italians I pack up and leave, heading back for some lunch.IMG_1075

The afternoon slips away, and after dinner I go outside to water my veg, I see Baleno under the steps, she spots me and calls to me. I walk down and to her and she shows me that she’s had one solitary kitten. I guess because she’s so young herself she was only able to carry one.She’s hungry, so I give her some chopped ham, and leave her to her motherly duties.

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