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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Just how do these people know this?

Saturday 25 June 2011 – It’s just before 7pm and as Gary Numan plays This House Is Cold, I take a shower before heading off to Bill and Christine’s place in Casoli. I drive up the twisting streets following the SatNav as it directs me.  I turn one way then another before it tells me to take the next right. I do and it says “You have reached your destination.” I hardly think so, as it’s left me facing a sheer drop on two IMG_1061my left side and an almost vertical side road to my right. Nothing for it but to turn the car around, (gingerly) and go back the way I came in.

Fiasco over and at the party I’m introduced to a little Italian lady, she says hello and says “You’re the new man in G.V.” I reply, “Yes I am.” to which she then tells me my house number. How she knows this I do not know, my house is approximately 6 miles away, and I’ve never laid eyes on the woman before in my life.

An Italian couple arrive next, I’m introduced to the husband, who alsoIMG_1071 says he knows me, “You’re the man at number”……. Following this another lady arrives, she also knows who I am, and stresses this by pointing me out to her husband, who also comments on my address. Just how do these people know this information?

The evening is really lovely, Bill being an ex Navy chef means the food is excellent, the views from the roof terrace are spectacular, and the air IMG_1060is cooler being so high up. I leave and as I’m driving I take a tight turn, I have to stop as there’s a car opposite, so to negotiate the turn I’ll need to reverse, so I put my handbrake on, only to discover the road is so steep, the handbrake will not hold the car. Luckily, Koort, from the party also is behind me, he gets out and assures me I’ll make the tight turn without touching the other car.

I get home, and it’s time for something stiffer, a grappa hits the spot and I go to bed thinking, it may be hard work walking up to the top of Casoli, but at least it’s easier to park lower down.


Bill’s excellent homemade bombolini

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