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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Doctor’s Digit

Monday 27 February 2012 – I had to take OH to the doctors today, as his cough is still getting on my nerves. So as he visits the doc in his new and shiny health centre, I pop the ear buds in, switch on the iPod and take a stroll. The first song to shuffle forward is a classic piece of Northern Soul, "’Gonna Fix You GoodIMGA0344 (Everytime You’re Bad)’ by the Alan Brown Set. I notice that the traffic is slowing down on the A50, so with a dancehall bounce in my step I investigate.

I discover the road is blocked by a broken down lorry, and six policemen are struggling to bring some order to the scene. Tina Turner now fills my head with her version of the Al Green classic, ‘Let’s Stay Together’, and I turn around and head back to the health centre.

When I get back, OH is waiting at the car, turns out he got a shock when he met the new doctor. He went in with a cough, but ended up over the couch with one the doctors digits inserted into his back passage. I ask, “Why? and he replies “I don’t know why.”

Now I’m no medical expert, but even I know that a cough is in the throat, maybe on the chest, so why does the doctor need to stick his finger in your ass, just to send you away with some antibiotics?

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