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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Recurring Dream

Tuesday 27 March 12 – I’m up quite early today; in fact I’ve always been an early riser. Coffee is brewing and iPod playing; albeit at a discreet volume so as not to upset the neighbours. Peter Murphy is singing ‘Memory Go’, and I’m grappling with the resolution of a recurring dream.

I’m not a person who analyses dreams, nor do I have any belief in the importance of dreams as prophesies; the most pressing thing on my mind this morning is how11321 should I have my egg this morning, scrambled or poached. The iPod shuffles and Parliament take over with, ‘Theme from the Black Hole’ – I love a bit of early morning funk.

So, what of this dream; well over the past few weeks I have been having the same dream. It’s not been a nightly thing maybe once or twice a week, but it’s been an odd one. It’s set in a small room, and there are three or four strange looking tables; quite ornate but sturdy looking. In the dreams I am trying to take the tables through the door, but am unable to do so, as the door is too narrow.

Last night, or rather early this morning I had the dream again, however this time I took a saw to the legs on the tables and removed them. Once I had got the tables through the door, I repaired the legs, before walking away.

I awoke feeling very refreshed, and with a really odd sense of accomplishment; now I have already said I don’t hold much with dream translations, but the closest I can come up with for this one is: To dream of a moving table is an indication that your life will soon see great change. These changes will bring much need joy and peace into your waking life. If anyone knows any different, let me know. I’m off to have a poached egg.


1 comment:

  1. Nah

    Just means your nuts bro.

    or in the style of froyd

    this may show that the door was but a hurdle that blocked the path to achievement.

    you should have walked the tables on their side and fed to legs through at an angle