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Friday, 16 March 2012

Who is Getting the Better Deal?

Friday 16 March 2012 -  As I walk through town, with Sophie Ellis-Bextor  singing ‘Party in My Head’ I spot the content for todays blog entry. My final entry for this weeks A Life On Shuffle is a little irreverent, but as it’s funny I make no apology. (I hope it makes you smile).

Like it or loathe it graffiti is everywhere; here in the UK we have a very different attitude towards it, than the Italian’s do. Here, when it appears, arms are thrown up in the air and teeth gnash with disgust; in Italy arms are also thrown up, but shoulders rise in complacency.

I did see in town two scribbled pieces of graffiti that made me laugh out loud. The first one tells the passer by who stops to read it, that: Katie sucks dick for pizza. The statement makes me think Katie must really like pizza, if she’s prepared to fellate for it.100_5023

Just below this is another piece of scribbled text, this one tells me: Shane sucks dick for a fiver. Now I’m left to ponder who has the better deal, is it Katie or Shane; which one gains most in the fellatio stakes?100_5022

Personally, I’d want both, the pizza and the fiver and a couple of glasses of a 1979 Barolo too – why sell yourself short, eh?

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