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Thursday, 15 March 2012


Thursday 15 March 2012 – Signs are everywhere, some are useful; the ones that direct us to where we want to go. Some signs can be confusing; try navigating your way through Milan and you’ll know what I mean. Today I took a few random photographs of signs that caught my eye.


The first is for a sandwich shop on the high street, it’s called ‘Used to be Bob’s Sandwich Shop’. This led me to wonder; first, who is Bob? and  second, Who’s shop is it now then?

Walking around a second hand/antique shop I came across another sign, this one made me smile purely because of the dreadful spelling.


As I’m walking a sign related coincidence occurs,  my iPod shuffles and Siouxsie and the Banshee’s begin to play ‘Happy House’, the song is about ten bars in when I turn a corner and am greeted by the following sign.


It makes me chuckle, and the woman walking towards me give me one of those looks that says, beware nut job on the high street. I then spot another sign that intrigues me, again it’s on the high street and it’s for a tattoo parlour, which goes under the name Propertattooz. Proper tattoos – as opposed to what, fake ones? I certainly hope so, I wouldn’t want to come in pay for one that washed away in the shower, or come to think of it, an improper one.


The last sign that caught my attention is a house name that is a play on words.


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