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Friday, 9 March 2012

Prokofiev and the 08457 Numbers

Friday 2 March 2012 – Christina Perri sings ‘Mine’ from her 2011 debut album, Lovestrong; it’s taken a few listens to get into; at times it gets a bit moany droney, however she can moan on all she likes, as this morning I have two excellent poached eggs on toast to eat.

The one thing that is boring about moving house is notifying everyone of your new address; a task I have to do today. First call of the day is to British Gas; no surprise it’s an 08457 number and multiple option menu, and I’m in a queue; the overture to ‘Peter and the Wolf’ entertains me. The second call is to the water supplier, another queue and more ‘Peter and the Wolf’. Third to my bank, another automated service followed by a queue. Fourth to the electricity supplier and once more I get the overture from; yes you guessed it, Peter and that damned wolf. My fifth call goes to……….

There’s actually no fifth, as the cost of the previous four calls have amounted to £15, and have wiped out the credit on my phone.

Peter And The Wolf

Why is it that every call centre  I’ve called seems unable to handle the volume of calls they receive?

Instead of putting people in queues and forcing them to listen to Prokofiev, hire more staff.

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