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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Unlucky, Lucky Dip

Tuesday 20 March 2012 – I usually buy a lucky dip for the lottery; when I remember to do so, that is. Last week I nipped into the local newsagent and handed over my pound coin, tucked the ticket, unread into my wallet and walked away, iPod playing as usual; on this occasion ‘Tutto é Niente’ by Dolcenera was playing.

Tutto é niente; Italian for ‘all or nothing’, sums up my luck to be honest. Well not so much the ‘all’ more likely the ‘nothing’.

Last week however I think I must have been sold the unluckiest ticket ever when you weigh up the laws of averages, lady luck and chance. my ticket was:


Thinking this may be a sign, an omen, this run of consecutive numbers must be a sure fire winner. So I sit watching Dale Winton, as he patronised the quiz show contestants and simpered on prime time TV, (thank goodness for alcohol). Jenni Falconer announces the draw, and the coloured balls start to spin in the machine. Needless to say not a single sodding number on my ticket came out.

Perhaps on the day  my iPod should have played Alessandra Amorosso with her song, ‘Niente’ as a warning before I purchased the ticket.

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